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    Energy to Transport



  • getting to the future first.

    cleaner fuels

    Biofuels, LNG, hydrogen.

    Electrification & charging points.

    Road charging. Carbon Capture. Net Zero.

    ESG criteria.


    Companies that consistently and robustly build green business ecosystems with compelling offers will be future proof, thus protect shareholders and attract investors.


    We can help

    de-risk your business: improving its sustainability, securing a lower discount rate (WACC) and a higher valuation


    Data Integration. APIs. IoT.

    Machine learning. Cloud-based platforms. Mobile commerce. Expense management.


    Companies that accelerate digitisation, integrate across the value chain and build data-led operating models will lead on future value generation.



    We can help

    design data-led business models, mine untapped data points, integrate data flows and source technology


    Acquisitions. Divestments. Mergers. Joint ventures & alliances. Valuation.

    Sale & Purchase Agreements.


    Companies that optimise their portfolio and capitalise on buy-side opportunities will strengthen their competitive positioning.




    We can help

    execute the full transaction lifecycle, including sourcing, negotiation, due diligence, closure and integration


    Portfolio review. Channel re-engineering.

    Fuel retail divestment. Liberalised payments acceptance.


    Companies that rethink channel models, streamline their operations and re-engineer value propositions will be more resilient and secure higher RoI.


    We can help

    sharpen competitive positioning, formulate / assess strategic options and drive execution

  • supporting transformation

    in commercial & corporate transport.

    sharper thinking. unique expertise. relentless focus on implementation


    fuel retail marketing

    growing retail fuel sales from higher commercial throughput

    Under pressure from the impacts of COVID-19, the retail fuel business is liberalising and morphing.



    We can help

    unlock new commercial fuel revenue streams, expand commercial footfall and more profitable volumes

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    fuel cards & payments

    working with merchants and issuers to grow acceptance

    Acceptance of contactless & mobile payment methods will grow. Retailers will accept more 3rd party payment cards & instruments.


    We can help

    implement payments partnerships to grow your customer base

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    delivering next generation fuel & fleet propositions

    Next generation commercial fuel propositions will be service-based, trans-platforms, digitised and green.



    We can help

    build digitised, green propositions to drive your growth, tapping into our unparalleled sector know-how and access to tech providers

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    corporate mobility

    integrating fuel management and mobility services

    There is growing demand for a simpler end-user experience, allowed through data integration and seamless channel management.


    We can help

    form new marketing & sales alliances to meet changing demands

  • M&A under the radar

    securing high multiples from your transactions


    Cutting through the noise is what will make your deal team stand out.


    Whether identifying synergistic acquisition targets, helping you optimise your portfolio, supporting due diligence or integrating businesses, PHC's super-connected team is your partner for discrete, targeted, value-enhancing deal making.


    the excise duty "black hole"


    a challenge for public finance: an opportunity in road charging


    Governments will soon shift their revenue base from excise duty to road charging, with massive implications for mobility businesses.


    Our team of experts and insiders understands the public finance "hole" created by electrification. We will help you negotiate the implications for road charging.




    leaner and greener

    transitioning to cleaner mobility propositions


    "Greening" the energy, transport and mobility proposition is no longer just PR: it is a driver of competitive survival.


    Our team will use its extensive knowledge and networks to support you on the critical road towards green transformation.

    integrated, intelligent, connected

    optimising the value of new technologies


    Innovative and disruptive challengers are emerging to develop and market new energy, transport and mobility technologies.


    Whether supporting product development, testing concepts, finding markets, or forging partnerships, PHC will support value growth through digitisation.

    a bumpy road for fuel retail

    building new revenue streams as markets emerge from COVID-19


    Fuel volumes are unlikely to recover to pre-COVID levels.


    We will support you in restructuring your network infrastructure and creating growth models by deploying m-commerce, EV-charging and mobile payments platforms to drive traffic and loyalty.



    fuel payments go mobile

    fronting mobile payments market development


    Successful mobile solutions rely on a user-friendly experience, a reliable back end and accessible points of use.


    PHC's team is experienced in creating functional specifications for mobile fuel payment apps. We work with transport businesses, retailers, payment processors, forecourt software providers and fuel card issuers to build strong mobile payment acceptance partnerships.

    the beauty of blue

    decarbonising commercial transport


    "blue" hydrogen is the best short-term option to set commercial road transport on the road to a greener future.


    Our commercial and technical experts can help get you on the road to net zero.

  • "Accelerating Sustainable Energy, Transport and Mobility Transformation:

    Trends, Implications and Future Scenarios"

    full publication 21/02/21

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    segment-by-segment impact of COVID-19 & future trends, implications for retail/commercial fuel markets, service and payments, providers & transport sectors scenarios for sustainable growth and recovery, restructuring, investment and acquisition opportunities

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